Yoga On the Beach

Come feel the cool sea breeze, connect to the expansiveness of the ocean, and let your breath sync up to the rhythm of the waves as you move through a calming yoga flow. This class it’s designed as an experience to connect us with the natural world: do a sun salutation under the sun! Do a tree pose alongside the palm trees! Do a warrior pose facing the strength of the ocean’s waves! It’s an amazing way to start the day!!. In the morning, the waves and winds are calm and the sun is not too hot – ideal conditions for an outdoor class.

After we set up, we will guide you through a gentle warm-up of rooting into the soft sand and syncing the breath to the rhythm of the ocean. We’ll then set an intention for our practice and move into a Vinyasa flow to bring up the heart rate and strengthen our body.

We will end our practice with a cool down, guided meditation, and energy cleansing, as the island breeze gently lowers our body temperature and calms the mind to a relaxed state. This class is suitable for all ages and skill levels. No prior yoga experience necessary to participate.